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Wanamakers General Store

FAQ: COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are your hours?

We are open our normal scheduled hours. See below for details.

Monday through Friday: Store: 8 AM to 7 PM  |  Deli: 10 AM to 3:30 PM

Saturday: Store: 8 AM to 6 PM  |  Deli: 8 AM to 5:45 PM

Sunday: Store & Deli: 9 AM to 3 PM

What sanitation measures are you taking?

We have increased our staff size to manage the additional practices required to run a grocery store during this time, and to handle the increased business volume. All employees are wearing masks at all times when in the store. Common surfaces are being wiped frequently throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is available for shoppers at both entrances and traffic flow patterns are outlined with signage and floor tape.

Can you shop inside the store or is it pickup and delivery only?

You may still come into the store to shop if you like. We have hand sanitizer at both entrances. You are required to wear a mask and follow traffic flow signs. Please refrain from bringing large groups into the store. If you happen to stop at the store while traveling with a large group, simply send one or two people into the store at a time. If you choose to bring your children into the store, please make sure they are supervised AT ALL TIMES and understand they cannot touch everything.

What’s the best protocol to follow when ordering from the deli?

We encourage you to order your sandwiches ahead of time and pick them up at the register. This will save yourself time and limit store traffic. Deli orders can and should be placed by calling the store (grocery orders CANNOT).

What if I would like to shop without entering the store?

If you do not want to come into the store please follow our curbside instructions (details & a sample order HERE). For deli and sandwich items you can phone in your order for store pickup or curbside. For grocery items please send a list via email with “curbside” in the subject line. Please allow reasonable time frames for these services. You can include a preferred date and time for pickup within the order. Keep in mind the more notice you give us, the more likely your request will be met. Most orders can be filled same day, but we are experiencing high service volume on all fronts and do not always have the time to fill an order the same day. We will NOT process orders via text or FB messenger.

What’s in stock right now?

We receive a lot of inquiries through multiple channels all day long and are not always equipped to respond to each inquiry in a timely manner. If you are wondering if a product is in stock and you are not receiving a response to your inquiry (call, email, Facebook comment), please refer to the delivery schedule below. Please note, there are shortages and interruptions in the supply chain at the moment but these are the main deliveries that we receive weekly. We also get a lot of local deliveries that trickle in throughout the week.

Product Delivery Schedule

Dairy: Tuesday and Friday AM

Bait: Thursday or Friday (we are NOT carrying minnows, we do have red worms, mealies, and night crawlers)

Produce: Main delivery is Wednesday, with local farm deliveries throughout the week as things are ready.

Bulk food (all those dry goods in the Wanamakers bags): arrives Wednesday AM but take a couple of days to process

Pepperidge Farm bread: Thursday or Friday

Bakes goods:

Daily Loaf – Thursday afternoon (sorry, we don’t have a specific time)

Buttered Crumb: Tuesday and Friday AM

Ol’ Schoolhouse Bakery: Monday and Thursday

Bad Farm: Friday

Stark Juice: Thursday AM


Frito Lay arrives Friday

Herrs arrives Tuesday

Goods arrives every other Wednesday

We get a lot of items from other local sources but since they are seasonal and/or in limited quantities we just don’t have specific delivery schedules for them.

Local honey is a hot item right now. We do get local honey in, but it goes quickly. We routinely have Stockerton PA raw honey available in Orange blossom, Alfalfa, buckwheat, and wildflower.

There are updates daily within the food and agriculture industry, as well as with the overall COVID-19 regulations, that occasionally trickle down to our small but mighty general store in Kempton, PA. We are absolutely taking it upon ourselves to get creative in adjusting what we can to keep the majority happy in a safe and accommodating fashion. All in all, we ask that you understand there are some hiccups that are simply out of our control.