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Wanamakers General Store

October 2020: A COVID-19 Update from Wanamakers, Your Local General Store

As we head into the winter months the safety of our customers and staff remain our number one priority.

We are taking some extra precautions to help keep everyone safe and still provide adequately for the community. Beginning November 1st our staff will be divided into two groups that will not work together or be in physical contact with each other. We are referring to these two groups as “pods.” If someone exhibits any symptoms, that person’s entire pod will immediately go home and begin quarantine, and the employee exhibiting symptoms will be tested. Extra sanitizing and cleaning will ensue, and the other pod will step in and work. If that employee does test positive for COVID-19 we will announce on our website and social media the last day that employee worked for contact tracing purposes. That entire pod will quarantine for two weeks with the necessary testing before returning to work.

I am incredibly grateful to my amazing crew who is committing to this rigorous and intense schedule. To honor the sacrifices and commitment of the staff we ask that our customers PLEASE properly wear masks when visiting the store, and social distance to the best of their ability. Also, please be patient with our lovely staff members as we will occasionally be working with a skeleton crew.

As always, we appreciate all our customers and your continued support.

Thank you all and stay well.

Kyra and the Wanamakers Crew