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Loaded Baked Potato Soup

One of the most popular soups in the store is Loaded Baked Potato. And rightly so! How can you go wrong putting potatoes, cheese and bacon together? Inspired when I put out our commercial version one morning I decided it was time I learned to make a homemade version for my family. The internet was […]

Apple Blue Cheese Tart

What I love about this Apple Blue Cheese tart is that it is relatively quick and painless to make. It looks impressive whether you need a quick appetizer for a dinner party, or want to impress a new group of friends with your culinary prowess!

Roy Goodman’s Pepperoni Bread

Roy's pepperoni bread

A tall man with a warm smile and work hardened hands comes into the store every morning for a cup of coffee and a chat- with me, or Kyra or one of the other regulars. Meet Roy Goodman, retired elevator repair man, world class volunteer at the Kempton Community Center, and baker. He bakes regularly […]